About Me

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Avid supporter of human rights, gender equality and freedom of expression.

Born and raised as an Indian national and now living in the US. Politically very neutral, but I do like taking sides if the agenda is ethical and for the good of everyone. Do not believe that reservations of any kind should be followed, however if any sections of the community is struggling, they could use some help to learn fishing and help them find the tools to continue fishing.

I have developed liking for creativity and talented individuals fascinate me. Materialistically, I develop Android apps, create simple websites, and fix computers and love working around the house. Still struggle with organizing my closet, but very comfortable and a confident team player at work and take pleasure in managing resources for projects.

Spiritualty is my sanity and truth. Religions and cultures are expressions of spirituality and I tend to keep away from too much expression as some of the expressions are outdated and have turned into a religious façade (superficial) which fuels extremisms leading to atrocities amongst religious and non-religious groups. I have tremendous respect for other’s beliefs and belief systems.

Shiva, Jesus, Alla, Waheguru, Ahura Mazda, Dios, Sun, etc, all these names just mean one thing for me that we like to believe in a Creator which is similar to use of words such as Lucht, Luft, Vzduch, hava, gaali, etc, which means Air in different languages.

Thank you for being a part of my blog and for sharing your experiences with me.

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Durgesh Kalya